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September 3, 2004 DAY #304


Everything is going pretty good. However, I do have a problem I need everyone to help me with. I have told you the last couple of updates about my new project, Mzima Mall . When I went into the hospital, lots of people asked me what they could do for me. Well there wasn't much at the time. But now, I have gotten into trouble with my mall. You see, it seems that the only people using my mall are Menchie and me! The affiliated advertisers don't like that. I need you all to go into the mall and click on some stuff so I don't get into any more trouble!

Menchie and I, by ourselves, have generated almost $70.00 in commissions in the month of September. We did that by buying things we were going to buy anyway! We bought some biking stuff that we needed, we opened a bank account, I ordered a free credit report, Menchie signed up for an Ebay account and we bid on some things on Ebay. Some we bought, some we didn't. I might refinance my condo. We are probably going to buy a gift for Menchie's sister on the Mall, we are going to get an ink cartridge for my printer, and we will buy some toilet paper on the Mall. I am sure most of you buy toilet paper on a regular basis. Would you do that to save Alexis life? Would you do that to save Amy Milner's life so that her little boy would have a mother? I would.

Now the mall isn't finished yet by a long shot, but we are working on it as hard as we can. I had to go back to work full time this week because my stupid disability insurance company discontinued my disability because there were 3 paydays in the month between July and August and I went over their earning limit in dollars for a 4 week period. That is making it even harder to get a lot done on the mall. But there is a lot out there right now. If you are thinking about buying something for your home, your business, your church, club, office, synagogue, car, motorcycle or whatever, help save a life and buy it from Mzima Mall at .

Tell your friends, your relatives, your co-workers! This is a way you can make a difference doing things you would do normally anyway! Click on these links and start making a difference. If you have suggestions, send them to me! I know you are out there. There is intenet in Valley Center, Montrose, Orlando, Los Angeles, Texas, even Oklahoma! Start now! It is fun! The more you find to buy, the more you help! If you are in the government, don't worry, I have no way of knowing who bought anything. I will just be grateful to everyone.

Thanks for your help!


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