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September 24, 2003


Sorry, but I didn't get an update out yesterday. We were installing a wireless network on our computers. We are also getting a cable modem installed today, so I can work more efficiently from home. Anyway, this is about my health, not networking. Our visit to the doctor's office was interesting. We didn't get any lab results yesterday. I will try to get the lab results today, and include them in the next update. I felt a lot stronger yesterday, and was able to sustain a higher level of activity than I have for the last few previous days. Based on that, the doctor just said I probably was fine and they would call me if I needed an IV. The other BIG NEWS is that they had the Biopsy results! I am officially IN REMISSION! You might recall that the criteria for remission is less than 5% blasts in the marrow. My blast count was less than 3%! This is pretty exciting for me. I am having an ongoing remission party, mainly because I can use it to get things my way with Menchie. He, He, He. :-) The evil Ted appears!!! Seriously, it is a huge relief to find that my Bone Marrow is now normal. Hopefully my HGB and RBC counts will start to reflect that. It is very frustrating to walk a hundred yards and be winded and exhausted.

I will try to send something either Thursday or Friday after the consultation with City of Hope.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 5.1 6.6 na
RBC 4.30 2.70 2.62 na
HGB 13.9 8.6 8.3 na
PLT 130 270 304 na


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