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September 15, 2003


Another UNeventful trip to the hospital.. The lab works looks real good. Almost everything is in the normal range except RBC and HBC! The doctor was very pleased. I also talked to City of Hope Hospital today, to set up an initial consultation. In the meantime, I will be going back to the hospital on Thursday to get another bone marrow biopsy. I was pretty tired yesterday, but I feel good today. My hemoglobin isn't up too high, so maybe I was pretty anemic yesterday for some reason. I ate spinach today to see if I can get my hemoglobin numbers up higher. :-) It was good.

On the medical front, I finished the last of the Flagyl today. I hope it did the job. I am now off all medications. Check out the WBC and PLT numbers!

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 2.6 4.1 5.1
RBC 4.30 2.52 2.69 2.70
HGB 13.9 8.2 8.9 8.6
PLT 130 160 225 270

I will send again on Thursday!!


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