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September 11, 2003


OK! The betting is closed! I won! I am no longer Neutropenic!!!!! I am kind of jazzed!! That probably qualifies as the understatement of the year. What it means is that I am no longer taking Levaquin, Difloucan, Vancomycin, and Rosephin. I don't have to go to the hospital every day, and I don't need to wear a mask all the time. My immune system is BACK!!! I can fend off all those evil bacteria by myself! Enough euphoria for the moment. I feel a lot better this afternoon without all the assaults on my system. I still feel a little week from the battles of the last week. Hopefully, the numbers will continue to climb and I will be able to spend a week or so living like a normal human being. Then start over again. Arrangements are being made for me to go to City of Hope to talk to the doctors there. I just paid off my Jeep! What can go wrong! I guess I had better go live in a cave now. :-))) My next appointment is on Saturday. Hopefully, by then my Hemoglobin and RBC counts will start up a little more vigorously. I am getting pretty anemic.

On the medical front, the lab results tell the story. Another big pop in the WBC Count. I am still taking Mycelex, Flagyl, and Potassium for the moment. The Flagyl will run out in a few days.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 1.5 1.7 2.6
RBC 4.30 2.71 2.64 2.52
HGB 13.9 8.9 8.6 8.2
PLT 130 166 141 160

Have a great day!


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