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October 30, 2006 , Day 13


Good evening everybody. This is still Menchie on the keyboard. Ted is still catching up on his sleeps. He was sleeping most of the day. He just finished a shower, so he is back in bed and resting.

Ted tried to eat some popsicles this morning. He did 4 bites and thats it. He did swallow it. They started his cyclosporine again, but in a lower dose of 50 mg instead of 150mg. His cyclosporine level came low this time. His antibiotics are still the same. The stopped the diuretic but they ordered some saline to hydrate him. They are still adjusting his medication regarding his blood pressure. His creatinine went down.

On the medical front- Cyclosporine is back for 50 mg. Lasix is discontinued. He is still getting the metoprolol. No transfusion today. His morphine drip is lowered to 1.5 mg from 2.0 mg per hour.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.1
RBC 4.3 2.53 2.57 2.36 2.60
HGB 13.9 8.6 8.7 8.1 8.7
PLT 130 15 25 08 25

Have a great day everyone.

Ted and Menchie

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