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October 22, 2003


I didn't get any lab work done today. Just a busy day getting chemo, picking up my brother, and getting him situated. My biopsy last week was normal, so I am still in remission. I still feel good. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. They just want to check to see that everything is going OK.

Since there is not much else going on, I thought I would share with you an idea I have. I would be interested in the thoughts of my friends. First, let me explain the problem. When someone suddenly ends up getting sick and is not able to work, finances can become a major challenge and worry. Fortunately for me, since I work in the computer industry, I can still work from home or from the hospital, or from wherever I am, as long as there is a telephone line. Others are not so fortunate. In some states, there is a state disability program. We have that here in California. However, the maximum payment is about 1/4 of my normal pay. It is difficult to imagine making ends meet on that if I wasn't working about half time. One of the possible remedies for people in this situation is to cash in their life insurance policies. That is not an attractive alternative to me. My idea is to start a foundation whose purpose would be to provide financial assistance to people in this situation. There are many details that would have to be worked out. Just curious what you all might think of this idea.

On the Medical Front, nothing new. As I said, the biopsy last week was normal.

Have a great day!


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