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October 16, 2006 , Day -01


Well! Today was hardly quiet and uneventful. It started at 6am with the infusion of Tacrolimus (ProGraf). By 6:15 I was starting to itch all over and hives were coming up all over my body. We notified the nurses and they responded by stopping the Tacrolimus and giving me a large dose of Benadryl. This pretty well knocked me out for the morning, but the allergic reaction went away. The next plan was to give me Cyclosporine in the evening. In the meantime, I was too nauseated to eat through the day. Just before dinner, I took some anti-nausea medicine and had a small dinner. At 6:30pm, they started to infuse Cyclosporine. Within 7 minutes, I was turning red all over, hives were coming up again, I was having difficulty breathing, my blood pressure was dropping, and I started itching all over again. Another, allergic reaction. This time, I got some steroids, more Benadryl, and oxygen. I was put on a blood pressure monitor. I am pretty much recovered now, but I am pretty wiped out. It appears I am getting more and more sensitive to more and more medications. I am not sure what the plan is now, and the doctors will be evaluating things in the morning. Right now it feels like everything is going wrong. Oh well, I am sure that Plan C will work fine.

It was quite frightening to be moving quite rapidly toward anaphylactic shock. Menchie and the nursing staff responded quickly and stopped the problem right away. Other than that, nothing much significant happened today. My lab counts are still dropping, so that is good. I still have sores in my mouth and throat, but they are not too painful

On the medical front, I need to add Tacrolimus and Cyclosporine to things that I am allergic to. The list is getting quite long. I hope I can still get the transplant tomorrow, but that may be in jeopardy. I will be getting more chemo in the days following the transplant in the form of Methorexate. This is a drug which inhibits rapidly growing cells. It has lots of side effects, but the main one is mouth sores. I am still taking Septra because my white count is still so high.

My lab results are slowly falling.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 3.2 3.7 5.4 3.2
RBC 4.3 3.10 3.02 2.78 2.58
HGB 13.9 10.7 10.2 9.9 8.9
PLT 130 178 155 147 117

Take care!

Ted and Menchie

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