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November 26, 2003, DAY #29


We have had an action packed couple of days. Yesterday, I got my Jeep fixed. It was just a hose, and took about an hour. I took Menchie to the store and we stocked up on all the heavy stuff. This morning we went to the drug store for some medicine dispensing stuff. We also got some groceries for dinner tonight. Then we went to my doctor's appointment. The doctor was pleased with my X-ray and my lab work. I told him I was having trouble sleeping, so he doubled my sleeping pill dose. He also cut back on one of my other medicines, more on that later. My platelets are getting pretty low, but he said that was from the cyclosporine. Another side effect of the cyclosporine is high blood pressure, so he prescribed some medicine for that. We came home and had a great dinner! I wasn't so tired that I didn't want to eat, and the food was great. The bland diet is working! Then we went out again to get the prescription filled and deposit some checks at the bank. Between the bland diet and being able to get around better and contribute to putting food on the table, both my physical and emotional states are much better! Menchie was getting tired and lonely walking to the store and then lugging the food back here every day. Now we can do it together! Much better for everyone! My next regularly scheduled update will be on Monday.

On the medical front, several changes. As I said above, I am starting on a hypertension drug called Norvasc. Cyclosporine causes hypertension. Now I am taking drugs to counteract the drugs I am taking! I am taking 1.5 grams of Cellcept instead of 2 grams. The doctor said that over the next week or so, the Cellcept would be eliminated. The doctor ordered one more week of night time IV fluids. Rats, I wanted to get rid of that!

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 5.3 6.3 6.4 5.5
RBC 4.20 3.02 3.27 3.46 3.41
HGB 13.9 10.4 10.2 11.7 11.5
PLT 130 193 178 118 88

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!!


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