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November 24, 2003, DAY #27


I walked to the doctor's office again this morning. The appointment went quite smoothly, and we were out of the office by 1100. The doctor was very pleased with my lab work, and was happy with my condition. I told him of several minor complaints, but he shrugged them off. The weekend was a quiet weekend. That was a bit of a problem for me. Up until this point, I have been actively engaged in the process, DOing. Now I am just waiting. I hate waiting. I am not strong enough to do much, so it is getting a little boring here. I got out my old 35mm SLR camera and have been taking pictures around the campus here. We have done a jigsaw puzzle, done a lot of reading, and have watched some old movies. The doctor thought it was a good sign that I was getting bored. He said he would call my doctor in San Diego to see if he would be willing to do my aftercare from day 60 or 70. That would be nice. I have been getting real tired and a little ill most afternoons. I think the illness may be from the food I am eating. We are going to try a blander diet to see if that helps the situation. I feel pretty good this afternoon. Tomorrow morning we are going to have my Jeep towed to a transmission shop to get it fixed. It will be nice to have transportation. My next appointment is on Wednesday, so look for the next update then.

On the medical front, no changes to medicines. I am getting a tiny bit stronger every day. The lab results are good. Hemoglobin and RBC jumped again. It seems like the stem cells can only produce one thing. My platelets are way down today. The doctor was not concerned. All of the other blood chemistry was pretty good.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 6.6 5.3 6.3 6.4
RBC 4.20 3.01 3.02 3.27 3.46
HGB 13.9 10.2 10.4 11.2 11.7
PLT 130 203 193 178 118

Until Wednesday!


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