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November 19, 2003, DAY #22


We have had a very busy day! I am now living in the village. Menchie is cooking dinner. Boy does it smell good!!! She has been working all day long moving things from my hospital room or the car to the apartment via wheelchair. She also walked to Ralphs to get some groceries that we needed. What a trooper!!! I have been getting lots of lectures and phone calls. I also walked to X-Ray and back. The pharmacy has delivered all of my medications, and another pharmacy delivered an IV stand and Pump and a bunch of saline, because the doctor wants me to continue night hydration via IV for a week. I walked to the apartment about 11:30 and collapsed into the bed for a nap for a couple of hours. A visiting nurse is expected any minute now to set up the IV equipment and show us how to use it.

My schedule now is to have a doctor's appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I will be going in tomorrow for my first outpatient visit to the doctor. I will probably just do updates on those days unless something extraordinary happens.

On the medical front, no changes to medicines or my condition. The lab results are still good.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 6.6 6.7 6.6 5.3
RBC 4.20 3.22 3.04 3.01 3.02
HGB 13.9 10.9 10.4 10.2 10.4
PLT 130 222 240 203 193

Talk to you again tomorrow!


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