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November 13, 2003, DAY #16


Wow, a busy day today. WBCs are higher, everything else is lower. Nevertheless, I felt much better today, since I didn't have to do the Vancomycin and Benadryl drill. So far I have been on three walks, totaling more than 2 hours of walking, including helping with the laundry. Kathleen left late this morning. After she left, I got in three hours of work, and had a friend of my Mom and Dad drop in for a visit. My appetite is good today. The only problem I have is what looks like a funny looking sunburn on my forehead and around my eyes and nose. I think this is a Redman Syndrome rash from the Vancomycin. The doctors are watching it carefully to be sure it is not GVH. I have figured out how to program my pumps, now, so if it starts beeping, indicating a problem, I usually just fix it and restart it. Sometimes I tell the nurses how to fix the problems if they can't figure it out. Most of them are pretty cool with that. I get a pretty good feeling about the ones who don't want to be told how to do something, so I refrain from helping them, unless I can slip in an idea as kind of a wild idea from left field.

On the medical front, I am taking the Mepron mentioned yesterday twice daily, with food. It tastes awful. Nothing else new. I am hoping they will start converting me to more oral medicines soon.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 2.1 3.2 4.7 5.4
RBC 4.20 3.16 3.07 3.18 2.85
HGB 13.9 11.0 10.6 11.0 10.2
PLT 130 107 150 188 177


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