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November 12, 2006 , Day 26


Good evening. Today we started our day by getting ready for the early morning visit from one of his doctor. He also asked for breakfast, so we order cream of wheat with pancake syrup. When he got out of bed to go to the bathroom, he feels warm. So I took his temperature and it was 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That is not good, because they consider that as fever. After the bathroom activities, the CNA came to take his vital signs and his temperature was 37.5. Okay, I will take that. The early morning doctor came and did his usual examinations. After the doctor's visit, the nurse came back again and took his temperature via his armpit, first it was 37 which is equivalent to 38 by mouth. She took it again in the armpit and it was 36.2, so that is 37.2 by mouth. Oh well, I'll take the no fever of course. But in the end the doctor ordered blood culture with or without fever just to be sure. Then he was transported down to radiology for CT Scan of his chest. Once he was back to his bed, I offered him the cream of wheat, but he didn't like the smell of it. So he closed his eyes for a while and took a nap. When he woke up he asked for the cream of wheat and tried it. He took a teaspoon of it and he said that his mouth is in pain. I offered ice chips with sugar again and he didn't want it because he is cold. Then he just tried to get some naps and watching football until 3pm. He went for a short walk outside his room in the afternoon. Then took a leisurely shower. He tried the ice chips again tonight and he is swallowing it without problem.

He did read his emails for the first time in so many days early this morning. Last night was better night. He got some sleeps. He still feels some pain in his mouth, but a short sharp pain that he said he can tolerate. His lips are a little bit sore and bloody once in while. It is healing that's what they said. They said that with his WBC it will heal soon. He still have a lot of mucus coming out from his mouth but his speech is much clearer. He also have some diarrhea, which was expected. Once in while he got some bloody nose which stops right away by applying pressure. The rashes are still there. His hands are peeling as expected. Regarding eating, the doctor recommended not to push it give it a day or two.

On the medical front-His last neupogen shot was given last night. His creatinine is 1.2. He still get the TPN and lipids so as some of his antibiotics, blood pressure medicine and cyclosporine.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 0.9 1.9 4.0 8.4
RBC 4.3 2.56 2.43 2.25 2.83
HGB 13.9 8.8 8.3 7.9 9.4
PLT 130 21 06 41 17

Happy Monday everyone!

Ted and Menchie

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