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November 12, 2004 DAY Supplemental


I just wanted to let you all know that Menchie and I had something wonderful happen today. SAIC, where I work, had a craft fair. We decided to participate and sell Lumpia as a fundraiser. We made about $128.00, so it was a very good day. The really wonderful thing though, was that I was walking around looking at the other crafts and things, and was standing looking at some jewelry. The name looked familiar on the tags looked familiar, and I was starting to get an idea, when the lady behind the table said "Are you THE Ted Wilcox?" Now that is not something you normally expect to hear at a craft fair. I looked at the lady, and the little girl with her, and the jewelry again and then back to the little girl. "ALEXIS," I exclaimed!

Yes folks, today I got to meet the wonderful little girl I have been telling you about for so long. Today was day 200 for her. She was energetic and a little sassy, and a lot of fun, but still has problems with intestinal GVHD. I am afraid I neglected Menchie and our lumpia sales while I talked to her and her family. What a wonderful treat for both Menchie and myself!

I bought Menchie a beautiful necklace and earring set from their table. Please be sure to visit their web site at to see the beautiful creations they have made.

Take care!


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