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November 11, 2003, DAY #14


Another day in the space station. I went outside for a walk twice today, but was pretty tired. I didn't get to sleep again until quite late last night. WBCis going up nicely, as are platelets. It looks like RBC and hemoglobin are not quite keeping up. I wonder if they are kind of low today to account for some of my fatigue. I have lost most of my beard, and my hair is about half gone from my head. The doctor said that I would probably go to the village next week. What a spoil sport.

On the medical front, no changes. Creatinine was down this morning.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 0.8 1.2 2.1 3.2
RBC 4.30 2.78 2.34 3.16 3.07
HGB 13.9 10.0 8.2 11.0 10.6
PLT 130 70 71 107 150

Take care!


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