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November 1, 2003, DAY #4


We don't have an update from Ted today. He is already sleeping, which is good. He is doing fine, just a little bit nauseated and sleepy this afternoon . We went out for a walk around the ward this morning and tonight.

On the medical front, his WBC count is almost to 1.0, which is the threshold for being neutropenic. So we started the protocol of wearing mask. He wears the mask when he is outside his room and I wear the mask when I am inside his room. He is still getting the same medicine with the addition of hydrocortisone for his Abelcet (Ampeterrible).

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 3.2 3.1 2.4 1.1
RBC 4.30 3.01 3.15 3.28 3.03
HGB 13.9 10.7 11.1 11.6 10.6
PLT 130 190 194 172 101

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