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May 31, 2004 DAY #216


Just when you think everything is going great, something gives you a whack up'side the head! I have been feeling pretty good since my last update. I have been working on a couple of computer projects for the last couple of days, completing a Team Mzima web site:

Please go take a look! I also created a grid square calculator in Excel, and sent it to some Ham friends. On Friday night or Saturday morning, the neuropathy in my feet changed again. It seems to continue to get better. Now my toes are really numb feeling, and most of the pain is gone, although the tingling continues. It looks like it is the lower dose of Cyclosporine. I finally got the lab results from last week also. Nothing terribly interesting. My creatinine was down to 1.4, which is good, although a couple of points lower would be nice. Things have been going really well. I guess I was feeling pretty cocky! It seems that holiday weekends always get me!

This morning, during breakfast, I had to run to the bathroom with diarrhea. No other symptoms. No nausea, bloating, stomach upset or anything. Completely without warning. This has continued throughout the day. I talked to my doctor, who told me to take Immodium and drink plenty of fluids and call him Wednesday if the problem persists. He is probably getting tired of me calling him on holiday weekends! I feel pretty tired and have no appetite now. I wonder if this is Graft vs Host Diseasem (GVHD), or some kind of wierd withdrawal symptom from the Cyclosporine. If it is GVHD, this is potentially a good thing, as it is a continued assault on any leukemic cells that may still live in me. This effect is known as Graft vs Leukemia (GVL). If it doesn't go away, maybe the doctor will increase my cyclosporine a little bit. Hopefully, this is just some kind of a bug or something that will go away soon.

Again, thanks to all who continue to contribute to Team Mzima in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I have some very generous friends. From my condition today, you can see how much a better cure is needed! Last night I felt ready to take on the world. Today, my grip on life seems a little more tenuous.

Take care, my friends! Thanks to all for remembering those who gave their lives to make ours better!


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