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March 25, 2004 DAY #149


First, nothing is wrong. I just had some things on my mind that I forgot to put in yesterday's update. It got kind of long yesterday anyway.

People have always offered to help out all along through this ordeal. I really appreciate the offers, although it doesn't seem like there has been much that I could ask people for except support, which I really have appreciated. I keep thinking about ways that people could help, not me, but others who are going through similar trials. Here are a couple of ideas!

Last Friday, my dear Menchie got her long beautiful hair cut, and donated it to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for people who are getting radiation or chemotherapy treatments. The organization provides the wigs at no charge to patients who want them. I think this was a very cool thing for Menchie to do, and she will probably do it over and over again as her hair grows out to a sufficient length. She is an amazing lady, who has beautiful short hair.

I know at least one person in my list of recipients who has put their name on the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. This is such a wonderful opportunity to give someone the gift of life. It is impossible to know if you will ever be picked to be a donor, but if you are, what a privilege! Menchie is planning to get on the registry. I wish I could, but I don't think they would take my blood. Many times the donations are anonymous, but I have heard of donors and recipients meeting. What a thrill it would be to save the life of a small child, and have that little hand hold mine! Or you might save the life of a mother, father or grandparent. No matter who the recipient is, you would be giving an inconceivably great gift, without losing anything yourself. If you want more information you can go to the Registry web page: They describe the surgical procedure, but I don't think that is used much any more, with the peripheral blood stem cell process being more commonly used. The web site offers other opportunities to help also.

So if you are frustrated that you didn't get an opportunity to help me out, here are some ways you can help others, which is almost as good!

Thanks to you all!


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