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July 10, 2003


Good evening all! Today has been kind of a wild day. I woke up with a big blood spot on my pillow, where my ear had been bleeding. This was a bit of a shock! But we fixed it by changing the pillow case. The nurse said that it was ear menses and a slim tampoon would work fine in my ear. Then right after breakfast, I started tasting blood and I was bleeding in my mouth. Even though my platelet count was above the transfusion threshold. They decided to give me more to curtail for the bleeding. Fortunately, I was able to get in a few hours of work and walk, before the transfusion. The Benadryl knocked me out for about three hours. I had a visitor and went to x-ray, to see if a new pain in the right neck and shoulder was anything bad. After that, I worked for a couple of more hours, reviewing a document and that pretty much bring us up-to-date. All of these new aches and pains are discouraging and tiring. But I suspect it's gonna get a lot worse. I will make it to the other side, I just might not be so cheerful in my update. Menchie gave me the permission to be "grouchy", because I am sick. I got a great card from work today, it was very funny. Thanks so much guys!

On the medical front, very little has changed. The Coumadin still hasn't reach the therapeutic level, so I still have the Heparin drip. The doctor is very positive and blood work still shows no abnormal cells, and I still have all my hair.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 .5 .5 .5
RBC 4.30 2.16 2.21 2.65
HGB 13.9 7.5 7.6 8.9
PLT 130 24 35 31

That's all for now!

Ted Wilcox

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