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January 29, 2004 DAY #93


Our trip to San Diego was fun and relaxing. I got a couple of projects started, and even brought some parts for one up here to Duarte for assembly. The drive back to Duarte was tiring, but I felt pretty good this morning. The bone marrow biopsy went OK. I got through it ok with some deep breathing. When they aspirate the bone marrow, it feels like they are sticking a sword down the inside of your leg. Well, at least that's what I imagine a sword going down the inside of my leg would feel like. I don't think I will experiment to provide you with first hand knowlege. I wasn't paying any attention to the aid at the time, but Menchie said that he had turned around and wouldn't look and was "dancing" from foot to foot as I was gasping through the pain. When it was all over, he was shocked that I just stood up, got my clothes put back together, and left. The biopsy made me very tired, so I just rested the remainder of the day. We are looking forward to getting the results.

On the medical front, things continue going well. My numbers are going down a little again but the doctor is still happy. The rash is still fading slowly. No changes to medications. I think he might put me back on Potassium again though on Monday, as it is getting low again.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 6.6 6.2 6.4 5.2
RBC 4.20 3.83 3.96 4.04 3.68
HGB 13.0 13.0 13.4 12.9 12.3
PLT 130 146 151 154 145

Next Update on Monday! Have a great weekend.


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