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January 3, 2007 , Day 78


Today was an exciting day that deserves to be reported. This was the last day for my physical therapist to visit. We decided to try the driveway with my new walker. The walker is not tall enough so I have to walk bent over, and I also have to use the brake to keep it from running away from me. I started down the hill and felt pretty good, but pretty soon my shoulders started to get very tired, because of having to control the walker. About 3 feet from the bottom, I had to stop and rest. The walker has a chair in it so all I had to do was set the brake and turn around and sit. I was breathing quite hard. Normally, I would recover from that fairly quickly but I couldn't seem to catch my breath.

The physical therapist was supporting the walker, and Menchie was holding me. Eventually it all became too much for me and I passed out, I'm told for 2 - 3 minutes. I woke up to Menchie yelling at me again, and the PT was talking to the 911 operator. As I sat there, I started becoming nauseated and started throwing up. Eventually the PT pushed me up to the top of the hill so I could sit in the shade on relatively level ground. An ambulance arrived pretty quickly. They started to roll my walker to where they parked the gurney and I apparently passed out again briefly. I woke up on the gurney. Shortly afterward we were in the ambulance. They started an IV, which isn't very easy on me. It only took two pokes! Pretty good! We ended up at a hospital about a mile from our house. By the time we got there, I was pretty much recovered. We spent most of the afternoon there waiting for labs and x-rays and EKGs and things. They finally let me go after 4pm. I have been fine here at home since then, although I haven't been working out at all.

I am doing fine! I have also gotten Menchie calmed down. We wish you all a great Thursday!

Ted and Menchie




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