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February 8, 2004 DAY #103


Hello, all! I am home again. They kept me busy most of the night getting blood drawn and another dose of Vancomycin, then they tried to sneak some IV Potassium into me, but it burned intensely as soon as it got into my hand. My Potassium wasn't even low. They stopped that right away, but the pain continued for a while, and my left hand is still a little twitchy. I was able to get some sleep, and I felt much better this morning. Things are starting to get back to "normal" as much as things are normal for me right now. I got home about 11:00 this morning, and if I can get through the night here, it will be the first full night at home since my "return" on Thursday! We (meaning Menchie) actually got some stuff unpacked and organized a little bit. Now there are rumors running around out there that I am making all this stuff up because my updates were getting boring! I can assure you that this is all true! I indicated that my systems were returning to normal yesterday. The lab results showed my createnine down to 1.3! All that water going through me really worked fast this time.

On the medical front: They put me back on Potassium pills. I knew there would be differences in the protocols between hospitals. I guess this is the first one I have found. My blood counts were a little alarming, but the doctor said this was not unusual with blood infections. I expect to recover quickly. No pain or problems from the catheter site from the removal.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 7.0 8.9 - 5.2
RBC 4.20 3.73 3.41 - 3.20
HGB 13.0 12.8 11.9 - 10.8
PLT 130 159 140 - 107

I hope to return to boring updates tomorrow!


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