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February 7, 2004 DAY #102


The results are in! The cultures showed that I have a blood infection of Staphylococcus aureus. I got a call from one of my doctors at Scripps Green at about 9:30pm last night asking me to come to the hospital and be admitted. So, I am writing this from my same old hospital room from my consolidation chemotherapy days. The theory is that the catheter is infected and they took it out today. It was a pretty painless procedure for the most part. The doctor says that once the catheter is out, the problem will go away almost immediately. I will probably be here until tomorrow some time, I guess. I had fevers off and on through the afternoon, but not nearly as bad as Thursday night. The fevers seem to be gone now, and I am starting to feel much better. My appetite was poor again today, but seems to be recovering tonight.

On the medical front, I am now getting Vancomycin via IV to combat the Staph infection. That comes with Benadryl, of course to combat redman syndrome. They gave it to me real slow, and I don't see much rash at the moment. I think I will be getting another dose tonight. My creatinine went up some more, to 1.9, as I feared. I am on IV fluids to help with that, but my intestines are starting to absorb water again, and my kidneys are functioning well. Hopefully we can get the creatinine down to acceptable levels. No lab today.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 5.1 7.0 8.9 -
RBC 4.20 3.59 3.73 3.41 -
HGB 13.0 12.1 12.8 11.9 -
PLT 130 147 159 140 -

Have a great weekend!


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