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February 5, 2004 DAY #100


We had an interesting visit to San Diego. Three meals in a row that were a little out-of-the-box, and I was suffering Tuesday evening and through most of Wednesday. Back to a bland diet, I guess to let my system recover. Our drive back to Duarte was a fine, and I worked hard to re-hydrate myself after we got in. Unfortunately, all the water I lost that didn't go through the kidneys caused my creatinine to jump to 1.6. So I have to work on that again.

It was an interesting and emotional office visit. I walked to the office without a mask! It was the first time I have been outside without a mask in over 3 months. It was a strange and wonderful feeling! We are moving back to San Diego! I will be calling my doctor at Scripps Green for an appointment there next week to continue follow-on care. We said goodbye to all the doctors and nurses and admin people here, and are packing up the car for our last trip to San Diego. We are anxious to be home, but over the last few months these people have quite possibly saved my life. It is hard to say goodbye. As far as the office visit itself, the lab reports are good. Everything was up. A few changes to the medicines and we discussed moving to San Diego and that was about it! I don't know when the next appointment will be, but I will send out an update then. Office visits will probably start being once a week.

On the medical front, all of my rashes have pretty much disappeared. The doctor reduced my Prednisone by 5mg, so I will only be taking it in the morning. He also eliminated the magnesium. My potassium was up into the normal range without taking pills. Everything except the creatinine was good. Now the big news everyone is waiting for! The results of the Bone Marrow Biopsy. I have a copy of the report, and there is lots of scary sounding stuff in it, but the bottom line is: "NO MORPHOLOGIC EVIDENCE OF ACUTE LEUKEMIA, 93 DAYS STATUS POST BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT FOR ACUTE MYELOGENOUS LEUKEMIA."

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 6.4 5.2 5.1 7.0
RBC 4.20 4.04 3.68 3.59 3.73
HGB 13.0 12.9 12.3 12.1 12.8
PLT 130 154 145 147 159

Take care my friends!


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