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December 26, 2006 , Day 70


Today has been a very busy day for us. We are proud to remind everyone that today is our 3rd Anniversary. We need to start thinking about celebrating that. I feel very fortunate to have reached this milestone. The hospital visit was interesting. After getting blood drawn, I went for my second pentamadine treatment. That's the inhalation treatment that I had such a hard time with a few weeks ago. It went pretty smoothly today, which was a relief. When I saw the doctor, he is concerned that I may be suffering either some GVHD or I may have an infection from a bug called C. deficil, or an intestinal fungus. We are providing samples to see what the problem might be. Otherwise, the doctor was happy with everything.

After the hospital visit we hurried to the Veteran's Administration for an evaluation of my disability. We took a lot of documentation and I think we made a good case for ourselves. Now we wait to see if the VA will increase my disability pay.

We experimented today with putting tomato back into my diet. The experiment was a success, and will open up many culinary doors. My mouth is really improving, but is still not completely healthy. In addition, I have very little saliva, so it is hard to eat dry foods like breads. Yesterday I enjoyed Christmas dinner. I actually had a small slice of ham, some shrimp cocktail, sweet potatoes and veggies. Menchie made some dairy free tapioca pudding for dessert. It was great. I think I will be able to eat normally soon.

Last week we actually went to a holiday party and really enjoyed being with friends. That was highly motivational. Menchie won't let me shave, so I actually have a visible beard. The physical training is working. I went down and up my driveway, which is quite steep. I have also climbed 18 steps and went up to the second floor yesterday. While these are extremely big improvements to me, I am still incredibly weak, so much improvement is required.

On the medical front, no new changes. We will be going in Friday for lab work, but won't be seeing the doctor, so we won't even wait for the lab results. My next real appointment is next Tuesday, January 2.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 11.3 10.9 14.4 9.4
RBC 4.3 2.89 2.64 2.63 2.66
HGB 13.9 9.3 8.5 9.0 9.0
PLT 130 76 74 72 86

Happy Holidays to you all!

Ted and Menchie

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