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December 18, 2006 , Day 62


The hospital visit today was routine again. Of course you were all expecting a hospital visit on Saturday. We were on our way to the hospital when the doctor called and suggested that we postpone our visit to today, since he had a pretty bad cold and I was doing fine. So we went back today instead. My skin is rash free, and we are able to keep it fairly well moisturized. My digestive system is improving slowly. My mouth is still full of sores, making eating very difficult. No other significant new problems. On the plus side, I am starting to regrow hair, and sweat glands are starting to work again.

We have been working pretty hard physically. I rode my bike yesterday for 13 minutes. Menchie helped me back to the bed where I almost passed out, but I was OK. We have been walking a lot, for me. I still have episodes where I can't get more than a couple of steps without getting lightheaded, but that is becoming less frequent. For PT I am supposed to do steps, so I did six steps a couple of days ago while out shopping. That wore me out pretty well. We have done some more Christmas shopping, and enjoyed the rest of my brother and sister-in-law's visit. We went out to lunch, which really wore me out. Need to practice that more. They gave us a real good tip about keeping me warm. They suggested putting feed corn into a cloth bag and microwaving it. It works! It stays nice and warm for an hour at least, usually more. I have been much warmer lately. We are starting to find more and more foods that I can eat as my mouth slowly heals.

We had kind of a funny anniversary this last week. We passed day 59. Day 59 was the day Menchie and I got married during my first transplant. There is absolutely no way we could have pulled that off this time in the same way. I was sooooo much stronger then than I am now. Interesting to compare.

On the medical front, no real changes. They now want me to come to the hospital once per week! Seems amazing to me, but it will be nice. I believe my next update will be on Tuesday, December 26th.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 12.6 11.3 10.9 14.4
RBC 4.3 2.78 2.89 2.64 2.63
HGB 13.9 9.0 9.3 8.5 9.0
PLT 130 71 76 74 72

Happy Holidays to you all!

Ted and Menchie

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