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December 18, 2003, DAY #51


Good evening! More really busy days getting ready for Christmas and weddings, as well as browbeating hospitals and clinics to send records to the insurance companies so I can get my disability claim approved. That has been pretty stressful, but I think I have most of it taken care of. As you can see, today is day 51 already! How time flies! Half way to 100. I think at 100 I will be able to dispense with the mask outside and will probably be getting a lot less medicine. Assuming of course that my brother and I are getting along still. Things continue to go well though. The doctor said that my blood type is still the same. He said that the type doesn't usually change until about 3 months if it is going to. One of my biggest struggles, believe it or not, is keeping my weight from falling so fast. I have been eating what seem to me like enormous meals and loosing a pound a day. I think I am finally getting it better under control. Don't get me wrong, I want to loose the weight, but not too precipitously. My dad is still doing fine, no more problems.

On the medical front, things are going pretty well too. Unfortunately, my creatinine level is up to 1.6. I think I am a lot more concerned about that than the doctor is. He just said I need to keep drinking. I showed him the 4-5 liters per day I was drinking and he thought that was adequate, so he decided to cut my cyclosporine dose in half. We told him we needed a refill of Celcept, and he asked how many we had. When we told him, he just said to cut that in half too, finish what I have left and don't take any more. See what happens! He raised my blood pressure medicine dose to two per day. HBC is way back up into the normal range. RBC is getting really getting close! Maybe by Monday, that will be normal too! Next appointment is on Monday.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 11.3 12.1 9.8 12.8
RBC 4.20 3.66 3.90 3.69 4.03
HGB 13.0 12.4 13.1 12.6 13.6
PLT 130 224 227 143 188

I hope you are all surviving the party season!


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