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December 11, 2003, DAY #44


An interesting appointment today. My WBC is still climbing. The doctor said it was because of the Predisone. The Predisone is also causing some tremors and some aches in my arms. Unfortunately, my creatinine climbed back up to 1.5. The doctor told me I wasn't drinking enough, so I showed him my diary indicating that I usually drank almost 5 liters per day. He kind of smiled and said he would lower my Cyclosporine. That would solve that problem. My blood pressure was creeping up too, but he said that was because of the Cyclosporine too. I asked him if my blood type had changed, since my brother's was different. He thought that was an interesting question and said we would check that next Monday. He also said that we could go home for the weekend! I don't know yet if we will or not, but that might be fun. We spent the afternoon at a local mall again yesterday. We even found a place where we could watch them cook our food in front of us, so I could eat it. That was my first time "eating out" since the transplant. The young man and his mother I mentioned last time got the final OK today to go home, so they are driving to San Francisco today!

On the medical front, we are cutting my Cyclosporine from 150mg twice a day to 100mg twice a day. That is a pretty significant cut, for which I am very happy. Magnesium is now well into the normal range, but the dose is still the same. HGB just made it into the normal range! RGB is still approaching normal. As I said, Predisone was causing my WBC to creep up. Next update should be on Monday!

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low





WBC 4.5 8.4 8.2 11.3 12.1
RBC 4.20 3.59 3.61 3.66 3.90
HGB 13.0 12.4 12.1 12.4 13.1
PLT 130 160 186 224 227


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