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August 7, 2003


Today was the big biopsy day. A major milestone in my life. My next appointment is on Tuesday. At that time the results of the biopsy should be available along with the results of the HLA testing done on my brother and sister to see if either of them is a compatible bone marrow donor. Armed with all that information, the doctor and I will develop THE PLAN. Assuming the biopsy results are positive, I expect at least two more chemotherapy sessions and probably some kind of bone marrow transplant. Check back on Tuesday for THE PLAN. A couple of other milestones might be of interest. Tuesday night, I walked for one half a mile. It was quite a challenge. Yesterday evening I walked the same course, and it was easy. I hope to keep increasing the distance and the pace. Walking around today, I felt like a real person!

On the medical front, my Coumadin dose has been increased from 5mg to 7mg. This is probably due to interference from the Diflucan. I only have 2 more Diflucan to take. The biopsy went well. It was somewhat painful so I made it hard for the doctor. She had a hard time getting through my bone. She was complaining about how hard young bones are. She likes 70 year old bones. Much easier to get through. Overall I feel pretty good!

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 2.3 3.6 3.0
RBC 4.30 2.86 3.47 3.19
HGB 13.9 9.4 11.3 10.5
PLT 130 187 220 178

It's almost Friday!


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