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August 16, 2003


I am happy to report that Friday night was a calm and pleasant night. I slept quite well! The catheter is working like a champ! I have gotten my first two doses of chemo, one last night and one this morning. No problems! I even had a visitor this morning! Thanks for the book Charlie! It took a while to get everything finished up this morning, but I left the hospital on my own devices by noon, or just a few minutes after. Menchie, my parents and I went out to eat at Red Lobster for lunch, and then came home for a relaxing afternoon and a barbeque. I got to cook! I am going to start having to restrict my diet again soon, as you will probably start to see my blood counts start to dip again. I get to stay at home tonight and most of the day tomorrow. I go back to the hospital at about 4:30pm tomorrow and spend the night there for the next two doses of chemo, then home again for another night.

On the medical front, I am back on coumadin, although only one milligram. This is to help prevent thrombosis along my catheter. I didn't get any of the medications this morning with the chemo. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I didn't have any ill effects from the chemo this morning. My appetite is still good, and my taste buds are still working, so I am taking maximum advantage of it while I can.

Lab Results

Blood Cell Type

Normal Low




WBC 4.5 2.6 nr 3.5
RBC 4.30 3.57 nr 3.22
HGB 13.9 11.7 nr 10.8
PLT 130 204 nr 119

Take Care!


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