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August 12, 2006


A relatively unremarkable day today, but a few bits of information and corrections from previous updates. My computer infrastructure included Cox Dialup, which they just happened to neglect to inform me when I signed up for it and asked if there were any additional charges that it would cost me $5.95 per 5 hours of connectivity. Since 5 hours would last me about 1 day at my normal usage, that would get quite expensive, so I switched back to my old standby Zcloud, for which I pay $99.00 per year for unlimited dialup access. Much better.

Many of you have asked about donating platelets for me on my account. It would be best just to donate. I have pretty specific requirements. Anything donated will help the overall supply and make what I need more available to me. Supplies have improved, but there is always a huge shortage of platelets and red blood cells. Every little bit helps.

On the medical front - I found out today I only get 3 doses of IdaRubicin instead of the 7 I reported yesterday. I have now gotten all three. Four more doses of ARA C to go. I have been responding pretty well to the chemo so far. I forgot to report the result yesterday. My white cell count went from 12.9 to 1.7 and was down to .7 today. Some of the results of the biopsy are coming in. It looks like the new version of Leukemia is M5. That could be bad news. I will probably report more on that later. We are still waiting for other biopsy results which may help steer the course of treatment. The doctor said he was disappointed that my kidney function was not doing better, but we are pressing on.

Thanks for the visitors! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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