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August 11, 2006


Since my update yestarday, I have had a busy day.  Shortly after sending it, I fell asleep due to some Benadryl I was getting for a Platelet infusion.  I woke up shortly afterward suffering from an incessant cough which continually worsened until I could not breathe.  I signaled my inability to breathe to Menchie and she ran for help.  Shortly after the cavalry arrived I started to breath again.  I believe this inability to breath was similar to a panic or anxiety attack that was mostly psychosomatic.  Everything returned to normal and I had a very peaceful night under the influence of the remaining Benadryl.  I woke up feeling very strong and enegetic.  But I was still trapped in the bed by the Femoral line.  Early in the morning they pulled the External Jugular line and started preparing for placing a PICC line in the late morning.  This took a couple of tries but was completed successfully, eventually.  At about 5pm the process of removing the Femoral line was started and went without a hitch.  I am now able to move about freely.  I believe I will get another larger catheter next week, but the PICC line is a great relief to have at the moment.

I got lots of work done and had lots of visitors again today.  It appears that I failed to send my August 8 update to anyone but Menchie, so I have attached it to this email.  I have had many questions about Platelets and have no answers.  I will try to get some answers and include in a later update.

On the medical front, my platelets this morning after the transfusion were 56 with normal being 130-300.  This was more than adequate for the PICC Line and Femoral line work.  My createnine had dropped to 1.6 indicating that my kidneys have approached a return to normalcy.  No sign yet of liver problems.  Heart function appears to be normal.  It appears that except for stab wounds around my body, I have pretty much recovered from the Serum Septic infection.

Everyone have a great weekend!  I would wave to all the TNT riders out there, as they go by on North Torry, but I am on the wrong side of the hospital.


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